Owning a car can be a pleasure, at the same time, big hassle. The cost of owning a car, especially those like Audi, can add up, and you might reach a point where you won’t be able to cope up with it. You will have to pay the insurance cost, servicing cost, tax, parking, etc. By being a member of our club, you will be able to drive Audi, without owning one. You get a choice of various new cars in your neighborhood. You only need to pay a certain fee when you use the car. But you are not responsible for the car’s insurance and maintenance. Car clubs improve the air quality and free space for parking as the number of vehicles will be less.

At KC Audi, we charge an annual membership fee of $100. The per-hour cost varies depending on the package you chose. Here are the three packages we offer.


In this package, you get access to all the old models of Audi. You can keep the car maximum for half a day. It will cost $50 per hour.


Here you will get access to all the new brands of Audi. You will have the ultimate experience of your life by driving these luxurious cars. You can keep the car for a day. It will cost $100 per hour.

Under 22

This package is for the under 22 people. To be qualified for this package, you need to show your ID. The insurance premium is high in this package. So, it costs more than the standard package. You can be a member for only$75/hour.

We offer services to both individuals and businesses. Call our customer service department if you have any inquiry.